Objective of the association of the Order of LA FAYETTE is to maintain and promote the existing bonds of friendship between the citizens of the United States of America and of the European Union, and in particular, of France, for geographical and historical reasons. It is a non political, non union and non religious association. The aim of the Association is to become a Foundation to perpetuate and deepen the memories of Franco-American friendship.

The Marquis de La Fayette was the first Frenchman commissioned Major General by the Congress in 1777, as he had come to serve as a volunteer to aid the insurgents in their fight for independence. He supported the American cause in its most difficult moments, until the French troops under the command of Count de Rochambeau and the fleet of Admiral de Grasse joined the American forces and helped secure the independence of America at Yorktown, in 1781. This timely intervention in the creation of the United States of American sealed an indissoluble friendship between the two people, stronger than the troubled times in their history, as shown by the two decisive interventions on the side of France and Europe during the last two world wars.

If you are aware of this mutual debt and indestructible friendship of the two people, in full respect of their diversities, or even differences of opinions, guaranteeing authentic democracy, come and join the ranks of the Association of the Order of Lafayette, come and contribute to the development of the union of the people from both sides of the Atlantic.

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