At the time, France was able to offer adequate and free support and to show concern over its independence to a raising nation, born from the old British colonies, despite former disputes. America has since shown the same generosity, on several occasions.

The idea of boosting the bonds of freedom and equity came at a time when the terms of this old exchange were threatened: a transatlantic association aiming at re-creating true links, symbolised by the distribution of diplomas and decorations in order to re-activate and re-root this ageless complicity.

For this purpose, we invite you to join our association, independent and free of all political or philosophical influences, and to help shape it in the respect of the French and American people.

We invite you to take part in a new adventure, in the beginning of the XXI century , where there are no new continents to discover but where there is so much to do to bring them closer.

More precisely, you can have the opportunity to create, at your initiative, a dynamic network for this association. You can become its leaders, with all the related charges and rewards.

Serge D'Rovencourt.

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